depth psychology

depth psychology
a set of techniques for exploring underlying motives and a method of treating various mental disorders; based on the theories of Sigmund Freud

his physician recommended psychoanalysis

Syn: ↑psychoanalysis, ↑analysis
Derivationally related forms: ↑analyze (for: ↑analysis), ↑psychoanalytic (for: ↑psychoanalysis), ↑psychoanalytical (for: ↑psychoanalysis)
Members of this Topic:
anal, ↑anal retentive, ↑oral, ↑cathectic, ↑catharsis, ↑katharsis, ↑abreaction, ↑anal personality, ↑anal retentive personality, ↑genital personality, ↑oral personality, ↑ego, ↑superego, ↑id, ↑introjection, ↑pleasure principle, ↑pleasure-pain principle, ↑pleasure-unpleasure principle, ↑reality principle, ↑introject, ↑ego ideal, ↑imago, ↑condensation, ↑transference, ↑latent content, ↑complex, ↑libido, ↑penis envy, ↑death instinct, ↑death wish, ↑Thanatos, ↑libidinal energy, ↑cathexis, ↑charge, ↑acathexis, ↑psychosexual development, ↑anaclisis, ↑castration anxiety, ↑anal stage, ↑anal phase, ↑genital stage, ↑genital phase, ↑latency stage, ↑latency phase, ↑latency period, ↑oral stage, ↑oral phase, ↑phallic stage, ↑phallic phase, ↑abreact
Hypernyms: ↑psychotherapy
Hyponyms: ↑hypnoanalysis

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